Breit, Olson for Niles Public Library District trustee

Dear Editor,

I, Linda Ryan, President of the Niles Public Library Board of Trustees, endorse incumbent Robert C. Breit and also Dianne Olson for the two open trustee positions for the Niles Public Library District. I have had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the perspectives of both candidates.

Rob Breit has a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology from Boise State University which adds value to the Board as a whole in evaluating technology updates and requests made by the administration. He was appointed as interim in August and I have seen first-hand his thoughtful and insightful approach to making decisions at the table. He has a passion for education and community as he is a teacher by profession and has chosen Niles to raise his two young daughters. I believe it would benefit our community to have him see our strategic plan materialize as he has been an integral part of the planning. His political statement is to:

Maintain a top-notch library that serves the community in a responsible way.
Uphold the library’s mission & core values.
Continue to build a strong partnership with our local schools.
Advocate for emerging technologies that provide equity and access for all community members.
Dianne Olson has a Master’s in Library Science from Dominican University and has been serving our community as a librarian for Emerson Middle School in Park Ridge/Niles District #64 for the past 12 years. She brings administrative library knowledge and would be a great addition to the Board. She has been an active resident of Niles for the past 45 years and has a passion to make a difference. Her political position is to:

Use her experience and knowledge of library administration to ensure that the library’s budget remains financially sound.
Support the library’s mission statement and its core values.
Keep in touch with the ever changing needs of the Niles Public Library District’s community.
Foster trust through open communication and collaboration.
Dianne and Rob were the only Library Trustee candidates that were able to attend the all-day strategic planning meeting at Amici’s Restaurant. This dedication and attendance will insure their full understanding of what the current concerns of the Library District are, how the plan was created and how it will be implemented. The strategic plan is one of the main pressing items on our current agenda.

It is important that our library maintains its award-winning status, has educated individuals that will oversee the budget, while listening to the needs of the community. With both of them on Board of Trustees, our library will continue to be the best and make you proud.

Please join me in voting for Robert C. Breit #151 and Dianne Olson #152 on April 4th, 2017.

Strong Library = Strong Community

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Linda Ryan

President of the Niles Public Library District

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