Cronin proposes $433.8 million budget for DuPage County

DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin said the county’s $66.9 million property tax levy will remain flat for the sixth year in a row during his fiscal 2017 budget address.

Cronin’s proposed budget calls for $433.8 million in spending, including $53.5 million for stormwater, drainage and road construction projects; $100,000 to combat heroin use in DuPage County; and $50,000 for a new initiative that looks to to remove, repair or demolish abandoned buildings on foreclosed properties.

“We’ll eliminate these community eyesores, clean up the local environment and immediately improve neighborhoods, benefitting local property owners,” Cronin said of the “Clean and Lien” program.

The proposed 2017 spending plan is about $10.6 million less than last year’s approved budget.

“For the second year in a row, we are called upon to create a spending plan without a fully-funded budget from Springfield,” Cronin said. “Amidst the partisan bickering and inaction in Springfield, I think it’s important to point out that here in DuPage, we continue to do the people’s work.”

The board president said DuPage County has been able to lower expenses by increasing government efficiency, cutting costs and collaborating across different units of government.

“As a top-performing unit of local government, despite dysfunction at the state level, we must ensure the lights go on, the roads are paved and that our elderly and infirm residents receive the care they need,” Cronin added.

The full budget proposal can be viewed on the DuPage County government website,

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