Dist. 202 school news

D202 middle school students to compete in regional Spelling Bee

Six District 202 middle school students will compete in the 2017 Will County Regional Spelling Bee March 7, at Lockport East High School. The students earned the honor by winning their individual schools’ Spelling Bees. Statewide regional winners will advance to the national Spelling Bee in May.

This year’s District 202 middle school Spelling Bee champs are:

Aux Sable: Brianna Worthley (8th grade)

Heritage Grove: Kevin Fan (7th grade)

Indian Trail:  Serena Moore (6th grade)

Ira Jones: Maya Carden (8th grade)

John F. Kennedy: Riley Fortin 8th grader

Timber Ridge: Lauren Kuehni (8th grade. Also placed third in last year’s regional bee)


Professional baker Veronica Medina, of Chicago shows Bonnie McBeth Learning Center students in Lauren Golat’s class some of the tools she uses to make hundreds of cakes each year. Medina is one of several “Community Helpers” visiting Golat’s class this month. Her nephew is one of Golat’s students.



Freedom Elementary School fifth grader Jake Bui talks about tarantulas last month as part of the “Living Zoo Museum.” Fifth graders researched biomes such as rainforests, deserts and the arctic. They then portrayed that ecosystem through the eyes of an animal that lived there for family and friends. Bui and his classmates in Angela Simoncelli’s class created a tropical rainforest filled with a dragonfly, sloth, African elephant and a red eyed tree frog.



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