Joliet secures intergovernmental funding agreement with Metra

Megann Horstead | For the Bugle 

City officials reached an agreement with Metra that secures $99,000 to fund a portion of the Joliet Multimodal Transportation Center during the city council’s May 17 meeting.

The negotiations allowed the city to fund the relocation of Metra staff and facilities occupying the signal tower and provide support for the canopies serving the Heritage Corridor/Amtrak platforms.

According to the city, the agreement allows Joliet to retain a portion of a $30 million state grant to support the project and provides funding for a bus station. 

Budget for 2015 MFT roadways resurfacing sees cost savings

After completing the 2015 motor fuel tax roadways resurfacing project and subtracting a road project, the city announced that it was able to save $389,414.26.

In June, a $3 million contract was awarded to P.T. Ferro Construction. Subsequent to that action, change orders No. 1 and No. 2 were approved.

During the May 17 meeting, officials also approved change order No. 3 and payment request No. 6 and final in the amount of $126,887. The plan, according to the city, is to place the road project subtracted from the 2015 resurfacing program and add it to the 2016 plan. 

Phase I engineering for Essington, Jefferson street widening

Joliet is moving forward with plans to widen roadways between Essington Road and Route 52 (Jefferson Street) to Black Road.

Officials approved a motor fuel tax resolution that allots $214,216 for Phase I engineering. This action allows Joliet to remain in compliance with state of Illinois law requiring the mayor and the city council to approve the spending of MFT funds.

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