Letter: Niles bully pulpit

Dear Editor:

Not sure what a bully pulpit is? Watch the recording from the June 27 Village Board meeting and you will see Mayor Andrew Przybylo demonstrate in great form harassment and bullying from his own bully pulpit. During his President’s Report he insulted and demeaned citizens who have the courage to speak up and disagree with him. Citizens who came to a Board meeting and expressed their concerns over Mayor Przybylo leading his Board to pass referendums to fill the ballots for the next two elections were called names and belittled. Claiming that his referendums were necessary for the betterment and safety of Niles, Przybylo went on to discredit citizens who have collected signatures for referendums in the past. His message came through strong and clear. Unless you sit on his board or are appointed by him to his committees, your voice doesn’t count.

Right to petition? Gone, thanks to Mayor Przybylo and his trustees. Right to be heard and acknowledged respectfully and have a chance to offer input to the Village of Niles through citizen referendums? Gone.

Losing your First Amendment rights is not only possible here in Niles, it’s a reality.

Rosemary Palicki,

Former Village Trustee



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