Letter to the Editor: Be a parent, not a friend

As you know, the holidays are approaching quickly. This time of year is one to celebrate, meet with friends and family and have fun in a relaxing environment.

However, it is also a time that kids have off from school with not much to do. They may be inspired to have fun through drinking or doing drugs. As high school students, we feel that it is important for parents to know how to keep their kids safe over the holidays. We have come up with some precautions that parents can take to make sure that their kids are safe and accounted for over the holidays, as well as for the rest of the year. We hope that you will share them in your newspaper.

One way to make sure that your kids aren’t getting into any trouble is by talking to other parents. Be sure to know who your child is hanging out with and get in contact with their parents. This way, you can easily keep track of where they are and what they are doing.

Lock up your liquor cabinet! If your alcohol is locked away and hard to get to, then your teens will have a much harder time getting into trouble.

Don’t support parties. Believe it or not, there are parents who support and allow their kids to hold parties at their house. It doesn’t make you or your kids any cooler. In fact, you are just inviting people to take advantage of you. Know that as a parent, you are held responsible for the kids at your house. Taking car keys to try and prevent teens from driving under the influence doesn’t always help. Parents will be held responsible if someone gets hurt. Remember that the consequence are not worth the risks.

Talk to your kids about drinking and doing drugs. Sometimes, kids use drugs or alcohol as a cry for attention or help. By talking to them, you are letting them know that you care and that you would rather have them safe.

Check in with you kids. Make sure your kids tell you when they leave the house. Ask them where they are going, who they are going to be with and how long they are going to be out.

Don’t be afraid to be a parent and not a friend.

Happy holidays to you and your families!

Maine Community Youth Assistance Foundation Teens from High School District 207

Amanda Anton, Melissa Corea, Emily Kracik, Jillian Saget, Frank Scavelli and Emerson Uhlig

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