Letter to the Editor: Books and Libraries

Libraries are a very important function of a village.  They outwardly display their worth and a sense of belonging to all residents.  The library is for all the people.

There are many categories in a library.  They are mostly fiction and non-fiction with much more.  The Adult Service employees are willing and ready to help you select any book you need. They are very courteous.

As a past part time employee (children department) of the library, I had many experiences. One day a mother to-be came in and sat down and read loudly to herself.  She said she would like her child to-be to get started on the good journey of reading.  She advised me that she was positive her baby could hear her reading a children’s book.

Another example of the excellent services of a library is a reference librarian (Adult Services) can help with almost any medical problem through findings in a book. Many years ago a member of my family was diagnosed with cancer.  The word alone is scary. The knowledge in the book helped me immensely. I am forever grateful.

On Dec. 12 from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., the White Oak Romeoville Library will be selling used books. 

These are mostly holiday books. They can be used as Christmas gifts. They are in good condition. The Friends of the Library (FOL) will be selling five hardpack books for $2. There will also be many more things to buy. The monies collected go back to the three libraries, where needed.

Our White Oak Crest Hill, Lockport, and Romeoville Libraries purpose is to build strong communities, develop the love of reading and be a welcome beacon for everyone. Hope is everlasting. Libraries are forever.

Shirlee J. Pergler


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