Letter to the Editor: Monopoly on force is the ultimate power

Government has the ultimate power: A monopoly on force.

Who or what makes it so imperative for a 63-year-old country neighborhood in Downers Grove to require sidewalks? In many ways, a monopoly on force is what this government is practicing – without popular consent by the residents.

Project design by Christopher Burke Engineers has cost taxpayers $100,000, and that is before any construction is approved. The design work was approved five months before this village had a meeting with neighborhood homeowners.

This is an economic problem, it is a political problem, it is a moral problem, Clyde Estates is quiet and safe with wide lawns, mature trees with lots of green space for gardens and wildlife. We would like respect for the quality of life we have chosen here.

The one thing we expect is our roadway infrastructure to be maintained – paved more often than every 30 years.

Laurel Q. Bowen

Downers Grove Resident

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