Martin for Niles library trustee

Letter to the Editor:

The Niles Library Trustee elections are here again. Let’s stop the tax hikes and wasteful spending. Vote for the only qualified Library Trustee – Dennis Martin. Don’t repeat the costly blunder of the previous election of incompetent library trustees.

It is hard to believe that it’s been just two years since the last Library Board Trustee Election in 2015.   The 2015 Library Board elections created the current disastrous controlling library board of trustees who lack experience, knowledge, fiduciary responsibility and accountability to the taxpayers.

This controlling board voted YES for an $800,000 tax levy increase without any reason or purpose for the increase. This board also voted to give their power to the Director for hiring which eliminated the need for board approval. Not sure if that’s due to laziness or ignorance. However, it is in violation of the Illinois State Statutes.   This board also voted 6-1 for IMRF which has already reached more than $3 million underfunded. IMRF is 800% over-budgeted. This is the result of total incompetency of our library board trustees.   They voted 6-1 to purchase new signage without a spending cap. No cost is too high for the hard working taxpayers of the Niles Library to pay!   They also voted 6-1 to provide Passport Services without any idea of the cost to the taxpayers for providing this service.   It was determined that less than 20% of Niles taxpayers attend library events. The majority of attendees are from Chicago and other suburban areas. Yet these events are funded by the taxpayers of the Niles Library.

Stop the wasteful spending, vote for the only qualified Library Trustee candidate, Dennis Martin on April 4th. His areas of expertise include Business, Project Management and IT Project Manager to name a few. Dennis Martin has over 35 years of business success at companies including Kraft Foods, GE Capital TMS and Sperry Univac.

Let’s bring pride, purpose and accountability back to the Niles Library. Vote #153 – Dennis Martin for Niles Library Trustee!

Carolyn Drblik

Niles Public Library Board, Trustee

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