Marty Maloney for mayor

Dear Editor

It’s becoming very clear that the choice for Mayor of Park Ridge on April 4th comes down to these themes…Experience vs. Sound Bites, Knowledge vs. Slick Marketing and Results vs. Pledges & Promises.

As someone who has been very involved in our city’s government for the past two years, it is clear that Marty Maloney’s experience, knowledge and results make him the right choice for the mayor of Park Ridge.

Being a newcomer to Park Ridge politics does not automatically disqualify any candidate from holding office. However, after four months on the campaign trail, Lucas Fuksa has failed to demonstrate a solid understanding of the major issues and has made numerous incorrect statements about ordinances, infrastructure, airplanes and city finances. The most concerning statement he’s made while campaigning was on his political Facebook page, where he stated “I will learn how to bang a gavel in one day.” This comment is an outright insult to anyone who has ever served in an elected position in Park Ridge, from Mayor to PTO board member.

I know from experience that the learning curve in city government is steep and it takes a tremendous amount of hard work to become competent on various issues. The only way to obtain the knowledge required is experience. Marty Maloney has dedicated the past 14 years of his life to local government.

There simply are no short cuts for experience! That’s why I’m asking you to support Marty Maloney on April 4!

John Moran

1st Ward Alderman

Park Ridge

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