Patients need this treatment

Dear Editor,

My name is Jared Taylor; I am a Romeoville resident and I have osteoarthritis.

It has been over 100 days since the Illinois Medical Cannabis Advisory Board approved 11-debilitating conditions including Osteoarthritis, Migraines, PTSD and Post-Operative Pain for medical cannabis treatment. Illinois Public Health Director Shah has yet to approve these conditions for treatment and there is no word on if he will follow the Board’s recommendation. Meanwhile, patients are suffering.

Osteoarthritis is the breakdown of cartilage between joints; it can occur in any joint, but commonly affected areas include the hips, the spine, and the knees. Osteoarthritis causes bones to rub against each other; it is very painful, and this condition has no cure. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis earlier this year, but have suffered from its symptoms for over two years.

In a 2013 study by the University of Nottingham, it was discovered that the use of cannabis inhibits pain signals from being transmitted in osteoarthritis patients. When cannabis is used, it effectively blocks pain. My osteoarthritis personally affects the facet joints of my spine, which are closest to my tailbone. This makes it painful for me to sit, to do chores around the house, and to exercise. However, medical cannabis is a valuable tool that I know would be beneficial to me in managing the chronic pain caused by my osteoarthritis.

I call on Director Shah to approve osteoarthritis as a qualifying condition, along with the 10 other debilitating conditions, today so that patients can receive the treatment we deserve.


Jared Taylor


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