Support for Sweeney, Carrabotta


To the Editor,

Many of us voters are delighted with The Maine Township Republican Unity Slate that offers eight professionals to Maine residents for important and needed positions in local government. I am especially joyed with the candidacy of two friends of many years: Susan Sweeney and David Carrabotta. Over the years I have worked with Susan on various community and patriotic projects that were in line with the sensible values of honesty and integrity in government. She has been an indefatigable “warrior” for honesty and efficiency in government. Her credentials as an educator shine bright in a world which seldom recognizes the achievements and hard work of teachers. David and I have unified our efforts to bring fiscal sanity to village government and to stand up for residents who want competent leadership. His skills as a practicing attorney are necessary and required for skilled decision-making. I trust that Maine voters will also recognize the importance of voting in support of this great team.

Chris Hanusiak

Former Trustee Village of Niles

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