Support for Unity Slate

Support for Unity Slate

Dear Editor

I want to take this opportunity to voice my full support for the Maine Township Republican Unity Slate. As someone who has served alongside Laura Morask, Peter Gialamas, Walter Kazmierczak, Susan Moylan Krey, Kim Jones and Kelly Schaefer, I can vouch for their complete dedication and commitment to hard work at Maine Township on behalf of our residents especially seniors, families and veterans.

I am also confident that David Carrabotta and Susan Sweeney will also subscribe to the same fiscal responsibility and integrity as they continue our award-winning programs and services.

In this age where townships are under attack for what some believe is duplication in government, it is imperative that we elect pro township people to office. There is a long history of over 160 years of Maine Township’s service to its residents of all backgrounds and all ages.

Let’s continue this fine tradition and elect the Maine Township Republican Unity Slate which represents experience as well as fresh ideas.

Carol A. Teschky

Maine Township Supervisor




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