Travel north to play North Course at Eagle Ridge

By Scott Taylor | @Taylor_Sports

The second course we played at Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa was the North Course. Built in 1977, the course has more of a country club feel to it without all the amenities that The General had. However, it was still a fun course to play and offered up some great views.

The opening hole is a 347-yard hole from the gold tees (2nd longest tees at 6,402 yards). It is a dogleg right that can plan much shorter than its distance.

Next is a tight and curvy par-5 at 501 yards. It is a dogleg left off the tee but also has a dogleg right on your approach shot to the green, making accuracy vital on this hole. No. 3 is the hardest hole on the course, a straight away par-4 at 416 yards. It plays long and tight.

No. 4 is 182 yards and is guarded by bunkers on both sides and plays a bit downhill. The fifth hole is a 482-yard par-5 that doglegs right off the tee and is has a very tight fairway near the green. The sixth hole is a dogleg left that has a more forgiving landing area than many other holes.

The seventh is a gem of a hole with a lake off in the distance in the background. It is 357 yards and is a dogleg left with the fairway sloping right. A long drive through the fairway is as good as gone into the trees. The eighth is a downhill par-3 at 147 yards with a severely sloped green and trouble off the green.

The eighth hole at the North Course is a downhill par-3.

The eighth hole at the North Course is a downhill par-3.

No. 11 at the North Course is a long, downhill par-5.

No. 11 at the North Course is a long, downhill par-5.

The front nine ends with a 377-yard par-4 that is another dogleg left and is uphill. There is a lot of room to the right on this dogleg to bail out, but a tall tree can block a long approach shot into the green.

The back nine starts with a great risk/reward hole. At 314 yards and a sharp dogleg left, the green is reachable for longer hitters. However, there isn’t much room for the ball to land without it being in trouble as bunkers line up in front of the green to block the shortcut and woods are behind and to the right of the green to snag bouncing balls through the green. It is only a short club to lay up to keep out of the trees off the tree.

No. 11 is a downhill par-5 at 527 yards and takes a good drive to get it over fescue to the fairway. There also are trees left of the fairway and water right, making it a tough driving hole. No. 12 is 390 yards but is pretty tight, making it another difficult hole.

The 13th hole is just 146 yards, but it is far from easy. It plays a bit uphill and over some weeds and water with bunkers surrounding the green. The green is also tricky and the hole location the day we played was almost impossible as being a couple feet off would send it down a hill.

Next is a 383-yard dogleg right that is one of the more forgiving holes off the tee, et is still dangerous. Hole 15 offers up some great views off the tee on the 529-yard, downhill par-5. There is a creek guarding the green, making it tough to go for in two, despite the elevation drop.

The 16th hole is 159 yards with water right and bunkers all around and is followed with a 411-yard par-4 that doglegs right and features bunkers in tough spots.

The 18th hole is sadly nothing special of a closing hole as it is a slight dogleg left with several bunkers to the left and in front of the green.

It surprised me that the greens here were much faster and had more slope to them.

The hole locations made it the most difficult greens I’ve had to deal with.

There is more water on this course than The General, and, in my opinion, is just as difficult overall.

The cost is a little cheaper than The General at peak time at $115.

Still, it is unlike most courses you will find in the state and is a good course to pair with

The General on a golf trip to Galena.

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