Back in the school-time groove

Aug. 13 was the first day back to school for District 202’s 27,600 students

By Andrea Earnest | Enterprise Staff

District 202 students had their first day back to school Aug. 13, and Plainfield North High School principal Raymond Epperson said it was a smooth transition.

Epperson said the new freshman class at North is more 600 hundred students, and there are a total of 2,260 students in the building.

One of those new faces is freshman Hailey Munson, who described her first day as “pretty good.” She said the school was big, but said signs around the building helped her from getting lost on her first day.

Despite already being a senior, Ryan Con was also nervous for his first day at North.

“I’ve never been to a public school,” said Con, who has spent the last eight years in attending private school.

He said he liked how open the school is and added that it was easy to make friends. The former private school student also said he liked the 2:10 p.m. dismissal time.

“The day’s not as long,” said Con, who noted that he would get out of previous schools at 3:30 p.m.

Another thing Con appreciated about his new school: he doesn’t have to wear school uniforms anymore.

Tom Hernandez, director of Community Relations for District 202, estimated District 202’s total enrollment for the 2015-16 school year at 27,600 students. However, that number will likely increase, as students will continue to enroll over the next two to three weeks.

Hernandez said peak enrollment for the district was in 2008, when total enrollment for all District 202 schools was just under 30,000.

“Last year, we were down to about 28,100,” he added.

With 30 buildings in District 202, Hernandez said there are constant projects and work going on at the schools.

“Last year, we had a bunch of schools that all needed roof work,” he said. “This year was not terribly heavy. A lot of asphalt, some restriping, painting, basic maintenance. Not a lot of big stuff like last year.”

Hernandez added that a new school year also means professional development and curriculum improvement, which he said is always occurring.

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