Balanced budget for Plainfield: $64.8 million expected in revenue in FY18


By Marney Simon | Enterprise Staff

The fiscal picture looks good as the village of Plainfield enters the new 2017-2018 fiscal year (FY18).

On April 3, the village board passed the FY18 annual budget.

For the upcoming fiscal year, the village looks to take in $64.8 million in revenue, including $7 million in property taxes, $16.1 million in state of Illinois taxes, and $19.5 million in charges for services.

The Village looks to end the year in the black if they stay on budget, with an anticipated $62.8 million in expenditures. Those expenditures include $12.9 million and salaries and wages, $16.4 million in contractual services, and $7.4 million in capital outlay costs.

The total budget minus transfers represents a balanced budget of $59.1 million.

“There are no new hires being proposed in this budget, no new taxes are included in this budget” said Traci Pleckham, Director of Management Services.

The budget also includes the new Pace park and ride lot, an expense which is being reimbursed to the village 100 percent by Pace.

According to the budget report passed along with the final budget, positive news for the village includes the continuation of the evolution of downtown Plainfield as a destination.

A number of new commercial projects plus additional infrastructure work with in the village have helped with the village’s efforts to expand offerings to residents and work toward achieving goals stated within the strategic plan.

The biggest continued challenge for the village is the budget impasse for the state of Illinois, which continues to impact both the village and Will County.

Village officials were pleased with the budgeting process, which was completed over several months with a series of meetings detailing proposals and projects for each of the village’s departments.

“I don’t think there’s anyone up here who wouldn’t love to lower the levy, lower the taxes.. but what are we going to do?” said Trustee Margie Bonuchi. “The village of Plainfield gets less than five cents on the dollar. I think our rate is low and… a lot of these roads [need work], so we have to make that up. It’s a strong budget, I don’t think that there’s waste in there, and I think the staff has done an amazing job as they always do.”

Trustee Bill Lamb noted that the overall budget proposals have been under review since October.

“We may pass it tonight, but it’s not the first time we’ve seen it, it’s probably the seventh or eighth time we’ve seen it,” Lamb said. “We’ve gone into detail. A lot of this is not perceived by the public… but a lot was done before we actually voted on it. The staff has done a great job of controlling the expenses, they were actually very conservative on the revenues, so this budget is very solid.”

There were no public comments during the public hearing portion of the budget meeting.

The budget document is available on the village website,

The new fiscal year begins on May 1.

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