Bolingbrook Mayor Claar up in close race but both sides waiting for official numbers

By Laura Katauskas

Staff Reporter

In a race that was fraught with much controversy, both sides are claiming neither victory or defeat until official results are in April 25.

Up by a slim margin, unofficial results show Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar will continue his 31-year career leading the village. Only 102 votes separated Claar and challenger Jackie Traynere.

It was block by block, that support was won, contend both parties. In a message to its supporters, the Bolingbrook First party wrote:

“Every contribution has made a difference. Although the final election results will not be available until April 25th, we wanted to express our sincere gratitude for the unfailing support from members of the Bolingbrook community. Whether it was through door knocking, yard signs, Facebook posts, or conversations with neighbors, thank you for supporting Bolingbrook First.”

Echoing nearly the same sentiment, Bolingbrook United stated, “Ladies and gentlemen, we are blown away by the results and the support we have received. If there was ever a race (or a few in this case) where the expression “every vote matters” applies, it’s here in Bolingbrook.

Unfortunately, with the results as close as they are, we cannot declare victory or concede….Regardless of the final outcomes of any of the races as they are determined over the next couple of weeks, we are proud of our efforts and as we said before, we will continue to build.”

All incumbents, Carol Penning, Michael Lawler, Sheldon Watts and Maria Zarate ran on the same Bolingbrook First Party ticket and all newcomers who joined forces with Traynere as the Bolingbrook United Party included Robert Jaskiewicz, Terri Ransom, Jamie Olson and Mary Helen Reyna de Parsons.

Unofficial results show incumbent Penning winning by only one vote ahead of Jamie Olson for village clerk. Two of the three incumbent trustees Lawler, with 5,773, and Zarate, with 5,717 will retain their seats and newcomer of the Bolingbrook United slate, Robert Jaskiewicz, with 5,625 votes, will take the third seat.

Incumbent Sheldon Watts received 5,473 votes while Terri Ransom received 5,615 votes; and Mary Helen Reyna de Parsons took in 5,337.

However, election results do not include provisional ballots that have yet to be counted. Election results will not be official until April 25.


Valley View School Board 365u

Ten candidates were vying for four seats on the Valley View School School District 365u school board. Three of the four incumbents Deborah Sykora (5,666 votes), Elizabeth Campbell (4,553), and Victor Zack (4,180) will retain their seat. Newcomer Sally Guilbo (4,508) defeated Dan Falese who received 3,392 votes. The remaining candidates split the vote, Sinatra Strong, 2,394; Kokeith Perry; 1,246; Natale Garofalo,2,898; Vickie Sutterlin, 3,985 and Charlotte A. Droogan with 3,884.


White Oak Library District Referendum

The third time wasn’t the charm for the White Oak Library District, with slightly more than 60 percent of the voters turning down the referendum that sought a minimal increase to extend library services in the three towns of Romeoville, Crest Hill and Lockport.




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