ComEd to install 15,000 smart meters in Woodridge

By Bugle Staff

Commonwealth Edison will build out its “smart grid” in Woodridge next year, according to a recent post on the village’s website.

The state’s largest electric utility hosted a smart grid and smart meter workshop Dec. 3 at Woodridge Village Hall, 5 Plaza Drive, where representatives shared plans for installing the new meters in all Woodridge homes and businesses in 2016.

ComEd is expected to install a total of 15,043 smart meters, with work beginning in July and ending in November.

Smart meters are a component the smart grid, which is part of ComEd’s effort to modernize its electric system to provide more reliable service. By installing smart meters, ComEd said customers can track how much energy they are using. Those customers would then be able to reduce their consumption and save money on their electric bill.

For more information on ComEd’s smart grid, visit For a map showing when the installations will occur in Woodridge, go to ComEd’s website.

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