County reports sixth rabid bat found in Joliet home


Will County officials announced last week that a rabid bat was found Aug. 30 inside a Joliet residence, making it the sixth infected bat recovered within the county this year.

A resident of the home, located in the 700 block of Oakland Avenue, struck the bat with a broom and then scooped it into a cup, according to Will County press release. The resident then put the bat in a freezer and called Joliet Animal Control. The agency retrieved the bat and determined it was positive for rabies.

There was no contact with humans or pets during the incident and no additional rabies treatment was required.

Officials stated that September is a prime month for bat exposure and reminded Will County residents to necessary precautions in order to protect themselves from rabid animals.

Residents are urged to report any contact with a bat or other warm-blooded animals to their nearest animal control authority. Will County Animal Control is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 815-462-5633.

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  • Do not feed, touch or adopt wild animals, or stray dogs or cats;
  • Vaccinate pets, keep dogs and cats up-to-date on rabies vaccinations;
  • Do not allow pets to roam free;
  • Do not attract wild animals to a home or yard–Store bird seed or other animal feed in containers with tight-fitting lids, feed pets indoors, and make sure garbage cans are tightly closed.
  • Board up any openings in your attic, basement, porch or garage, and cover chimneys with screens;
  • Encourage children to immediately tell an adult if they are bitten or scratched by an animal. Teach children to avoid any animal they do not know;
  • Report all animal bites to the local animal control.
  • Do not engage a wild animal that comes on your property. Let it wander away, and bring children and pets indoors.
  • If the animal is acting abnormally (nocturnal animal around during daylight hours, animal having trouble walking, etc.), contact your local animal control.

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