D207 names Maine Scholars, department award winners

Each year, Maine Township High School District 207 high schools recognize Maine Scholars, an honor designated for the top 1 percent of each graduating class, by Grade Point Average.

This year’s Maine Scholars are:

Maine East: Safa Ahmed, Majda Murati, Paavan Soni, JosephVarilla and Michele Wen Maine South: Margaret Carey, Anastasia Dalianis, Anna Ebacher,Sonali Kumar, Emilia Pieta and Daniel Spalinski

Maine West: Ryan Dela Cruz, EliasHaworth, Megan Kalinowski, Bozhidara Kovacheva and Anna Remus.

Maine East Department Award winners are:

John Basnik in Applied Technology, Isaiah Easo in Business Education, Angelina Apostolou in Family Consumer Science, Hannah Flood in English and Social Science, Maria-Anna Serbos in ELL, Rachel Plummer in Foreign Language, Brahmi Ketan Shah in Art, Fionna Ek in Music, Olivia Tran in Speech Arts, Joseph Varilla in Math, Majda Murati in Physical Education and Christena Abraham in Science,

Maine South Department Award winners are:

Marisa Wilkens in Applied Technology, Ewelina Laczak in Art, Daniel Cerniglia in Business Education, Anastasia Dalianis in English, Katherine Syer in Family & Consumer Science, Emily Pasieka in Foreign Language, SeanS tapleton in Math, Katherine Daehler in Music, Grace Malone in Physical Education, DanielSpalinski in Science, Ann Kapustiak in Social Science and Megan Wilcox in Speech and Drama.

Maine West Department Award winners are:

Alex Zimmerman in Applied Technology, Matthew Nistler in Business, Joceline Rodriguez in Family Consumer Science, Emma Dempseyin English, Bailey Radnitzer in Art, Vincent Wong in Music, Linnea Grooms in Speech/Drama, Sanchita Chakraborty in Foreign Language, Sanchita Chakraborty in Math, Daria Maslowski in Science, Alison Tworek in Physical Education and Bozhidara Kovacheva in Social Science.

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