Deer Valley: A 9-hole treat

The 7th hole at Deer Valley is a short par-3 that plays behind a creek.

The 7th hole at Deer Valley is a short par-3 that plays behind a creek.

Scott Taylor


Tucked away in Big Rock, Illinois is Deer Valley Golf Course.

The course is a nine holes and for the most part a par-3 course, although a couple of the holes are short par-4s.

It is owned by the Forest Preserve of Kane County and offers up both trees and creeks and lakes, which come into play.

The first hole opens with a 147-yard hole that is pretty straightforward. There are bunkers on both sides of the green that come into play.

The second hole plays at just 116 yards. There is a creek in front of the tee box, but that will only come into play with a grounder off the tee. The green slopes sharply from back to front, making the putt very slow back up the hill. There is also a right to left slope on the green.

Next is the third hole, which plays at 151 yards. The tee shot plays over a pond, but it, too doesn’t come into play much unless there is a grounder or a chunky drive. There is a slope left of the green that leads to balls falling off the green.

The fourth hole is a par-4 that plays at 220 yards. It is a straight hole with a tree in front of the green and another one just behind the green. I managed to hit the tree well in front of the green hard and it went all the way into the pond on No. 3.

Hole No. 5 is a great one. It is a 211-yard par-4 that is uphill to a blind pin. There is a periscope next to the tee so you can see where the hole is. It is a tight drive as well as there are trees on both sides to make you hit it straight.

The sixth hole plays at 135 yards and there is a bunker over the green. The green is an oval shape with lots of different breaks to it.

The seventh hole is the signature hole. At just 94 yards, it plays over a creek as the creek is also to the right of the hole. To the left is a forest. You hit your shot to a tiny green as well, making it a harder course than the distance makes you think.

The eighth hole is 136 yards and is slightly uphill. It has an oval green similar to the sixth hole.

Hole No. 9 is 143 yards with a creek in front of the green, which makes players take an extra club to be sure they can clear the green. The problem with that is the two-tiered green, so a shot on the back or over the green has to go back down the slope, making it a tough par.

Deer Valley costs just $13 to play nine holes on a weekday and $14 on a weekend. For all days there is a replay for just $9. It is $7 each for a twosome to ride a cart or $13 for one person. There are also different specials to make the deal even sweeter.

This course is one of those great courses for those learning the game. The environment is relaxed and there isn’t a ton of trouble on the course.

However, it isn’t just for those learning the game. It is great for fine-tuning your iron and short game as well. It also offers some nice, unique holes to play that offer a stiff challenge.

The course was in great shape. The greens were in great shape, although they were slower than any I have played this year. You can also play the round in an hour, or 18 holes in two hours, so it is a great way to get a quick round of golf in.

The greens are about the smallest you will see on a course, so that helps to fine-tune both your iron play and your chipping.

While this course may be tucked away between Yorkville and Sugar Grove, it is a fun course to visit, whether you are honing your skills, learning the game or just looking for a quick, relaxing round of golf.

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