Former boxer hangs up her gloves, picks up kettlebells in Westmont


Adamas Strength & Fitness invites the community to a free Open House and Anniversary event Saturday, September 23, from 8-10 a.m. to celebrate the rebranding and anniversary including a free kettlebell clinic.

Local gym owner and former two-time Chicago Golden Gloves Champion makes major changes to her business. Head Coach Jessica Lewis has announced a new name and mission on the cusp of the gym’s 6-year anniversary. After running a successful local women’s boxing gym for six years, Coach Jessica Lewis decided to hang up her gloves in exchange for kettlebells. This is just one of the major changes she is making to her gym.

During a recent rebranding, Lewis has reinvented her business with a new a co-ed training focus and a new name: Adamas Strength & Fitness.

“Adamas is Greek for unconquerable, indestructible, and invincible. It’s also the origin word for “diamond.”  It represents the strength of my members and the revamped mission we are on to overcome challenges and be our best,” explains Lewis.

After 20 years of seeing the benefits of strength training for herself, Lewis knew it was time to step away from the ring. She now aims to offer her members the same type of training that helped her look and feel her best.

“Boxing,” as Lewis explained, “is not necessarily the most effective way to build sustainable results. I want to help people understand that getting strong is the key to achieving your fitness goals.” The foundation for every athletic and fitness endeavor is strength. To truly change your body, strength training is essential.

So why train with kettlebells? Kettlebells are tools that can be used safely and effectively by people of all fitness levels.
“Kettlebells are versatile. They can provide a strength and conditioning workout, give purpose to your training, and I think they are tons of fun,” says Lewis. In addition to kettlebells, Adamas offers a variety of tools and drills for a balanced workout.

Another major change Lewis has made to Adamas Strength & Fitness is inviting men to come and train alongside women.

“I wanted to not only reach more people but create an inclusive community where men and women could come together to train and support each other.”

Lewis goes on to say that the world is co-ed and she felt it was important to build a realistic environment for people to be challenged in. Lewis expresses it’s important to find the type of exercise you enjoy so you stick with it.

“Our training is fun, yet the true value and success of our training model is found in our structured programming, adherence to our mission and our personalized

About Adamas Strength & Fitness

Adamas Strength & Fitness is a private gym located in Westmont. Adamas Strength & Fitness has been a part of the western Chicago suburbs since 2011. Our goal is to provide hands-on individualized coaching in a group training environment. We believe in building strength, promoting a sustainably healthy lifestyle, and becoming your best self! Adamas is offering complimentary kettlebell clinics at the upcoming open house Saturday, September 23, from 8-10 a.m. To learn more or to sign up for the event and clinic visit


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