Golf Course Review: Whitetail Ridge

By Scott Taylor


A relatively new course in the area is Whitetail Ridge Golf Club.

Established in 2007, the course is located in Yorkville, but isn’t a far drive from many of our communities.

The course seems to be aging well and is another of the many links courses in the area.

This one though is shorter than most (just 6,019 from the blue), with plenty of trouble on most holes.

The first hole plays at just 313 yards and the green is slightly right of the tee. If you can carry a fairway bunker on the right, you can get pretty close to the green.

Next is a difficult 522-yard par-5. The tee shot has to be carried more than 100 yards over water. You aren’t done with the water there though as there is a pond to the right of the fairway, which comes into play off your second shot. You have to aim left to keep it out of the water.

The 17th hole at Whitetail Ridge is a downhill par-3 over water.

The 17th hole at Whitetail Ridge is a downhill par-3 over water.

The third hole is a 396-yard par-4, which is generally played into the wind. There is water on the right for the last 150 yards of the hole. That is followed by a par-3 over water, with a large bunker in front of the green as well.

Next is a 340-yard par-4 that gives you options. A dogleg left, you can cut off some serious distance by cutting the dogleg and can get close to the green. However, you will have to carry water that goes the length of the hole.

A more drivable hole is the sixth, playing at just 281 yards and is straightaway. However, there are water hazards to both sides of the fairway and bunkers line the right hand side leading to the green.

The seventh hole is a par-3 with water short and right. It does play just 133 yards. The eighth is the hardest hole on the course and for good reason. There is a split fairway that is separated by water. Playing left leads to a long approach shot over water and with water to the left. The biggest of hitters can try to carry the water at 250 yards.

The ninth hole is a 502-yard par-5 with water on the right and comes out farther than anticipated off your second shot to the right. The water runs all the way down and behind the green, making it a difficult approach and possible fourth shot to the left of the green.

The back nine plays even shorter than the front and begins with an uphill par-4. Next is a slight downhill par-3 with water on the left and is followed by a short par-4 with water in front of the green. A driver could be a dangerous club here.

The 13th hole is a 508-yard par-5, which normally plays shorter and is reachable in two. After clearing the water with your drive, a fairway drive can allow you to go for the green if you are a longer hitter. It is a tough driving hole though with trees on both sides and there are bunkers to the front right of the green for those who are going for the green in two.

The 14th is a long (198) par-3 over water to a large green. A 414-yard par-4 follows with bunkers on the right of another large green.

The 16th is a 517-yard par-5 with bunkers to the right of the green and a fairway bunker that comes into play off the tee. If you can carry it, you can reach in two.

A strong finishing stretch begins at No. 17, a 148-yard par-3 that has a big drop off the tee and plays over water to a triangle green.

The final hole is a par-4, which has a fairway that rolls downhill, allowing short approach shots if played to the left. There is water behind an elevated green.

When I reviewed the course, it was the third time I have played it. And, I have enjoyed it more and more each time. It does offer its challenges, but is a fair course and allows you the potential to score well if you can keep the ball in play.

The course is in good shape and it is in a quiet place in the middle of nowhere with just a few nice houses around it.

The rates are very reasonable at $50 during the week and just $35 after 2 p.m. Weekend rates are $65 and just $40 after 2 p.m.

If you are looking to play a scenic course that is challenging but allows for scoring potential, this is your course.

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