Letter: Placing cart before horse puts DGCA credibility into question

Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2015 2:06 pm

DGCA (Downers Grove Community Advocates) members and President Dan Loftus, who recently has displayed an oversized “Geoff Neustadt for Mayor” campaign sign on his front lawn, invited Downers Grove mayoral candidate Martin Tully to a private candidates’ interview to be held on March 7.

The implication, according to the DGCA invitation, was that the purpose of the interview was to “educate” members of the caucus on the competing candidates as part of a deliberative “process” leading the organization’s endorsement. Also implicit in the invitation was that caucus members’ endorsement selection was not predetermined, but would be based on the candidate interview process.

Problem is, President Loftus and other members of the caucus had already announced their preferences by displaying the campaign sign of their chosen candidate — well before any interviews even took place. So much for process.

Placing the cart before the horse puts into question the credibility of the organization, which claims to be unbiased and working in the best interest of the voting public and the citizens of Downers Grove.

Several caucus members are sitting members of village boards and commissions, and one is a sitting village commissioner, Robert Barnett, who also recently displayed a Neustadt sign on the lawn of his personal residence.

The fact that these interviews are to held in private without recording or public viewing undermines the legitimacy of the process and should be construed as void of transparency.

When two high level caucus members of the DGCA have displayed a candidate’s campaign signage prior to “endorsement” interviews, that would suggest the DGCA has preemptively made their endorsement for mayor.

The timeline of these events clearly shows a bias and reeks of impropriety, placing the existence and purpose of the DGCA under scrutiny.

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