Let there be light: Plainfield will sink thousands into new streetlights

Photo by Marney Simon |Enterprise Staff
New LED streetlights have already been put in place in the Spangler Farms subdivision, as well as several other neighborhoods in town. The village will replace more than 500 lights in the upcoming year.

By Marney Simon | Enterprise Staff

Hundreds of streetlights will get a makeover in the coming year, following an approval this week by the village board for new LED lights to shine on local roadways.

On Nov. 6, the board said yes to the purchase of 539 General Electric fixtures, to be purchased from Lighting Solutions of Illinois, Inc., of Wheaton.

The village has been working over the past several years to replace outdated mercury vapor and sodium vapor light fixtures throughout Plainfield. To date, more than 700 lights have already been retrofitted or replaced in several subdivisions, including Spangler Farm, Winding Creek, Arbor Creek, Wallin Woods, and Park Place.

The lights will be bought as part of the village’s participation in the U.S. Communities Procurement program. The program is similar to the State of Illinois Purchasing program, the South Suburban Mayors and Manager purchasing program and the Tree Consortium, groups that the village also takes part.

This U.S. Communities Procurement program provides items, including light fixtures that municipalities need on an annual basis.

“We’ve been able to save a lot of electricity, going with the LED lights,” said Randall Jessen, Superintendent of Public Works. “We were able to get a significant rebate on the amount of lights that we bought last year. We purchased about $75,000 worth of lights, and we received about $50,000 in rebates. So, this year, we want to piggy back off that program.”

Rebates come through the DECO Grant program.

Per the staff report, 278 lights will be equivalent to existing 250-watt street lights, and 281 will be equivalent to existing 150-watt subdivision light fixtures.

The total cost to purchase is $124,473, and the DECO incentive will be $93,355.

Receiving the rebate should take about six months.

The lifespan of LED fixtures is also expected to be much longer than current fixtures. The village will use in-house personnel for installation.

The LED replacement program supports the village’s “green” initiative and the Public Works multi-year plan to upgrade streetlights.

Funds for the purchase have been budgeted including last year’s rebate.

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