Letter to the Editor: Improve police department’s work environment

The Park Ridge Police Department building has suffered from problems affecting mold growth and poor indoor air quality for decades. Now we know why!

A recent building audit by Priority Energy Solutions detailed the following broken systems at city hall, all affecting the work environment within our police department. Here are just some of the deficiencies!

Air Handling Unit #2 is currently not working due to the heating coil having a leak

None of the duct heaters in Air Handling Unit #1 are working;

An oversized Roof Top Unit causes massive temperature swings and an extremely clammy environment in the police station, contributing to mold growth;

The cooling tower is currently leaking water and has a deteriorated ducting system.  This is very serious because cooling towers are also a source of legionnaires disease, which could affect employees throughout the city hall complex. 

I ask that our city council immediately invest in fixing all of these broken and poorly designed heating and cooling systems so our police department staff and all city hall employees will be able to work in a safe and productive environment in 2016.

Paul Sheehan

Park Ridge

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