Letter to the Editor: Niles politicians, salaries & referendums        

State law mandates that salary increases can’t begin until the end of an elected official’s term, preventing current elected officials from benefiting financially from their actions.

In September of 2016 the board voted to increase their salaries in 2019 per State mandate. But now Mayor Przybylo blames term limits for making the salary increase unfair as all the current board members may not be in office in 2019 while the newly elected trustees in 2017 will receive an increase now. So the mayor and his trustees recently voted to override state law and voted the entire board a salary increase now.

The mayor talks about fairness in pay increases. How fair is it for our elected officials to change state law and raise their own salary without asking us, their employers?

The mayor and the trustees hold an office that is based on service to the public. The public is their boss. As such, we should have a say if our elected officials want to override state law for their personal financial benefit.

The Mayor of Niles is a big fan of referendums.   He has filled the ballot until 2019 with issues of his liking. Two of these issues could and should be decided by the current board, without a referendum vote. The Village has already published a RFQ for development of a senior housing facility but has a referendum question about doing this on the March 2018 ballot. Another question is about modernizing emergency operations. The Board is “empowered…to regulate for the protection of the public health, safety, morals, and welfare… to serve the residents (Ord.2016-54).   They can and should act on it now, without waiting for a referendum.

Niles residents, call or email the trustees and demand that this salary issue be decided by referendum at the March 2018 election.

The number at Village Hall is 847-588-8000. Ask for Mayor Przybylo (atp@vniles.com) or the voice mail for Trustees Denise McCreeery, George Alpogianis, Joe LoVerde, Danette Matyas, Dean Strzelecki, John Jekot. Ask them to remove one of the proposed referendums for March 18, 2019 and instead place the question as to whether to raise the salaries of the current board members now or to follow State law and wait until the current terms are over.

Tell them as a citizen you should have a say in this matter.

Rosemary Palicki




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