Lifelong supporter of Schaefer

Dear editor,

My name is Emma Biggins. I am a junior at Maine South, dedicated to becoming a special education teacher in the future and am studying and living that out now in high school. I have lived in Park Ridge all 17 years of my lifetime. I wanted to take some time to write to you about who my family will be voting for in the upcoming Maine Township Race. Kelly Schaefer is our candidate of choice. Kelly is the most hardworking, dedicated, and level-headed person I know and that I could ever think of to run. Although, that’s not all she is, Kelly has always been there for my family. When my mother passed away when I was younger she never failed to be there for us. She and my mother were close friends along with my sister Sarah and her daughter Olivia. Kelly truly makes everyone around her feel loved and appreciated. When I was younger Kelly would always have Sarah and I over, take us out places such as shopping, dinner, movies, sleepovers, etc. Kelly absolutely felt and always will feel like an amazing motherly figure I could and always can go to when I need one. In fact, she has told me on multiple occasions “No matter time nor distance, I will always be in your corner. You call, I’ll come.” As a young girl I always had so much fun and enjoyed every second I was with Kelly and her family. Now that I am older, talking to my dad, I truly can understand how much of a help Kelly was and still is to our family. I have so many memories with Kelly that will last me a lifetime. Kelly has instilled in me great values, morals, hard work, knowledge, and most of all love. I could not imagine my life without Kelly. Kelly has had a huge part in shaping me and many people into the person they are today. There is truly no one better I could think of to run for office. She is the epitome of what Maine Township needs and what we as Park Ridge should be.


Emma Biggins

Park Ridge

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