New addition to PE curriculum brings roller skating to Martinez

Submitted photo Martinez Middle School sixth grader Danielle Sears prepares to lace up her roller skates for PE class.

Martinez students just completed a unique two weeks in the Romeoville middle school’s physical education curriculum…roller skating.

“We wanted to give the kids an opportunity to try an activity where they can do something many of them have never done before,” said PE Key leader Chris McVey. “We wanted the kids to be open minded and try something different.”

Roller skating on the Martinez gym floor is certainly something different. But Keller Skating had no problem providing gym floor-friendly roller skates as well instructions on how to safely navigate the class. The Geneseo-based company also made sure mats were available in one corner of the gym for beginners who were afraid they might fall.

“I’ve never roller skated before,” said eighth grader Diana Hernandez. “It’s different. It’s good.”

“This is pretty awesome. I’m pretty good at it,” added sixth grader Chad Fahn. “I would love to keep this next year.”

“It’s something we’ll talk about for next year,” McVey said. “It is a great aerobic activity. It works your whole body. And the progress of these kids from Monday to Friday was unbelievable.”

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