Park Ridge Letter: Kudos on 9/11 memorial


Congratulations to Mayor Marty Maloney, Police Chief Frank Kaminski, Fire Chief Jeff Sorensen and all those who organized and participated in the 9-11 memorial service in front of Park Ridge City Hall.

From the prayers of Father Peter Gnoinski of St. Paul of the Cross and the other ministers to taps played by Chris Denton of Maine East H.S. to the Roosevelt School Chorus singing God Bless America it was all well done and truly inspiring.

Many of us remember those terrible events around Sept. 11, 2001, but like the horrific attack at Pearl Harbor the events have shown the true spirit and resolve of America. We will never forget the sacrifices of so many on those days as we continue to honor them.

We also continue to keep our first and second responders in our prayers even as historic storms batter America. Americans of all faiths and background respond to such events and, as a result, the country stays strong.

Dick Barton

Park Ridge

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