Path in Plainfield to be extended at 127th, 248th, but Fort Beggs path halted

Photo by Marney Simon | Enterprise Staff The walkway at 127th Street and 248th Avenue abruptly hits a dead end. But work to extend that path – part of the village’s long term plan to improve safety and walkability throughout Plainfield – is expected to get underway over the next few weeks.


By Marney Simon | Enterprise Staff

Work to extend the pedestrian trail that dead ends at 127th Street and 248th Avenue could be underway in the next few weeks.

Earlier this month, Plainfield’s Director of Public Works Allen Persons gave an update on the project, which was originally slated to start last fall.

Persons noted that a start date for the job could be just around the corner.

“To date, the contractor has received all the equipment to improve and upgrade the signals, but in the process, there is a retaining wall that has to be constructed,” Persons said. “They are in the process of starting that work.”

Persons noted that crews did hit a small snag during prep work for the project.

“They did unearth an AT&T line that wasn’t marked, and that needs to be relocated before it moves forward,” Persons said. “Since this is a smaller cable, AT&T believe that they can get it completed in about two weeks. So, we’re hoping for an initial start of the project, and the contractor submitted that once it’s started, that they’ll complete it as quickly as possible. We’re hoping for a… start within the next three weeks.”

The shared-use path improvements project is part of the village’s strategic plan, which includes a long-term comprehensive program to improve safety and walkability within the village, and to eliminate existing gaps in the pedestrian network.

The project will add an asphalt path along 127th Street and 248th Avenue, as well as addition of pedestrian timing signals to an existing traffic signal at that intersection.

The project will also include the completion of the asphalt path at the southwest corner of 127th Street and Route 59, near Kensington Center development.

That project was awarded to D. Construction of Coal City, at an estimated cost of $210,311.

A second plan for a separate pathway extension in the village was rejected by the board, however, citing high costs.

A plan to build a pedestrian and bike path to fill in gaps of the pathway along Fort Beggs across from Plainfield Central High School was presented to the board on Monday, May 15. That plan would have added two sections of walkway on the south side of Fort Beggs, between route 59 and River Road.

However, board members said the estimated cost of $197,413, also submitted by D. Construction, seemed too high for a short stretch of walkway, and asked to see if that price could be reduced.

That bid was the lowest of 12 received by the village. The village engineer estimated the work at $214,000.



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