Perma-Seal appoints new supply chain director

Perma-Seal Basement Systems announced that long-time employee Joel Spencer was appointed to supply chain director.

Spencer has been with Perma-Seal since 2004, and the company said he has been a vital member of the team since then. Perma-Seal said Spencer will oversee the launch of a new inventory management system that will enhance inventory control at all three Perma-Seal warehouse locations.

“As with many construction-based companies, the supply department has a unique opportunity to greatly impact the organization the client experience,” the company said in a press release.

Spencer, the former senior production manager, said he’s excited to use his past experience and leadership skills to move the company forward with the integration of a full-service plumbing department and new product lines.

“I am extremely excited to have this opportunity to help lead and further develop our team and processes,” Spencer said. “I have a passion for learning, and this will help me develop knowledge and experience in another important department at Perma-Seal.”

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