Plainfield awards Route 59 median maintenance contract

By Marney Simon | Enterprise Staff

Sprucing up and maintaining the grassy areas along Route 59 throughout Plainfield will be conducted by a new contractor this spring.

On April 17, the village board awarded a new contract for the 2017 landscape maintenance project along Route 59

The work consists of landscape maintenance and other miscellaneous items along the grassy medias that separate the lanes of Route 59 throughout most of the village, save the downtown area.

“We’ve had an outside contractor complete the seven-mile section of Route 59, mainly the center median but also the landscaping around the viaducts, and then also those areas that are not developed on either side of the right-of-way,” said Director of Public Works Allen Persons. “They do the lawn mowing, the fertilizing, and the garbage collection as well on a weekly basis throughout the entire spring, summer, and fall.”

The village received five bids for the project. Those bids were opened on March 28.

The village has used an outside contractor for maintenance of those medians over the past two years, and has received a lot of positive feedback on the look of the landscaping from residents and the board, which prompted the village to keep the maintenance and upkeep project on their list of bids for outside contractors.

The low bidder this year was Local Lawn Care and Landscaping of Naperville, with a bid of $46,750 for the entire season. That’s below last year’s low bid, which was a little over $50,000.

“So, this is about a $3,000 savings, which is nice,” Persons said.

Still, the disparity among the bids opened by the village gave some trustees call to comment. While the winning bid was just under $47,000, the other four bids were all well above the $50,000 range, with the highest reaching $59,240. The village engineer estimated the work would run roughly $60,000.

“The current [contract holder] is now the high bidder,” said Trustee Bill Lamb. “There’s a 20 percent difference between the two bids, that just makes me a little bit nervous. Either the high bidder knows something that nobody else knows, or the low bidder is really very, very skilled. I think it’s important that we watch the quality of what we get.”

Lamb also noted that the village has had to swap contractors before after picking the low bidder but not receiving the quality of service they expected.

Persons noted that the village did its due diligence in picking the new contractor, and noted that the new contractor might have been able to figure out the low bid based on other jobs it already holds.

“We haven’t worked with this contractor directly, but, I can tell you this, we talked to the city of Naperville, and this is the same contractor that received the low bid and qualified though Naperville’s… program to take care of Route 59 from 119th Street all the way north to I-88,” Persons said “So, in essence… this contractor would take care of the entire stretch of Route 59 from Naperville all the way south to Plainfield. Naperville had good feedback as far as contractor’s performance.”

Funding for the contract is included as part of the 2017-2018 fiscal year budget, which was approved last month by the full village board.



P_landscape route 59_042017_1

Photo by Marney Simon | Enterprise Staff

The landscape maintenance along the medians on Route 59 in Plainfield will be handled this year by Local Lawn Care and Landscaping of Naperville. The company also holds the contract to perform the same maintenance along Route 59 from 119th Street up to I-88 with the city of Naperville.


P_landscape route 59_042017_2

Photo by Marney Simon | Enterprise Staff

Work along the Route 59 medians will include landscape maintenance, lawn mowing, fertilizing, and garbage collection on a weekly basis along the seven-mile stretch of Route 59 that runs through Plainfield.


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