Plainfield preps for winter: Salt purchase, crews get thumbs up

By Marney Simon | Enterprise Staff

With winter weather just around the corner, the village of Plainfield has gotten everything in order to keep the roads safe for travelers.

On Nov. 6, trustees approved this year’s road salt purchase, via a state-wide program.

The village has participated in the state salt purchase program for many years.

For the upcoming 2017-2018 winter season, the village received a bid from Compass Minerals America Inc. of Overland Park, Kan. at a cost of $46.50 per ton.

That bid is roughly 2 percent higher than the previous year’s price. Now that the bid process is completed, the village will contract directly with the company and the state will not be involved during the ordering delivery or billing process.

The village has used salt for winter road management since the 1960s.

The village begins the winter season with about 1,200 tons of salt on hand. Superintendent of Public Improvements Randall Jessen said the village prefers to keep about 1,000 to 1,500 tons of salt on hand, carried over from year to year. The village typically utilizes about 4,000 tons of road salt in a typical winter season.

The village will purchase up to 5,000 tons of road salt for the upcoming winter, with a total not to exceed $232,800.

With the road salt purchase secure, the village also said okay to this year’s contractors to help with snow removal.

Over the past month, the village requested and received applications from area contractors that are

interested in assisting with snow removal and roadway salting.

Staff reviewed each application and determined that eight contractors are qualified to complete this type of work.

Those contractors are Antrex, Inc., Acres Group, John Green Excavating, Winninger Excavating, Shreve Services, Fazio Landscaping, Local Lawn Care & Landscaping, and J & S Construction.

All the contractors have agreed to the unit prices established with the standard application.

Those payments include:

  • $143 per hour for plowing and/or salting via tandem axle dump truck
  • $125 per hour for plowing and/or salting via single axle dump truck
  • $91 per hour for plowing and/or salting via 4-WD pickup truck
  • $150 per hour for plowing and/or salting via backhoe endloader
  • $45 per hour for plowing and/or salting via hand held equipment

The Village has utilized outside contractors to assist with snow removal, as needed, for many years.

“The nice thing about this, is, we only pay for what they do,” Jessen said. “There is no travel time involved, and this has worked out very well for us for the past few years.”

The Village has also budgeted sufficient funds for snow removal and deicing operations. Each contractor will be paid for the service provided based on the agreed to hourly rates. The hourly rates are the same as the last winter season.

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