Romeoville annexes Forest Preserve property

The village of Romeoville moved to annex more than 300 acres of Forest Preserve Property.

As part of the annexation, the village will partner with the Forest Preserve District on enhancing various parcels including parking lot improvements to Schneider’s Passage Access to Centennial Trail. This will provide additional public access to the Des Plaines River for recreational fishing and conveyance of the property adjacent to the Isle Cache Museum, formerly known as the Vinckus Memorial.

“This allows the village to extend its boundaries and gain additional natural areas within the community. We look forward to this continued partnership with the Forest Preserve District as we enhance and protect our natural areas. In addition, these improvements will provide additional amenities not only for Romeoville, but for Will County residents,” said Mayor John Noak.

The 332 acres annexed will be zoned P-1, Public / Private Land Conservation.

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