Safe meeting place coming soon; Plainfield Police will host exchange site

The front of the Law Enforcement Center on Coil Plus Drive will soon have a dedicated spot for safe exchanges. The department is installing an area for people to exchange goods bought and sold over the internet, which will be monitored by security cameras.

By Marney Simon | Enterprise Staff

The village is getting set to offer up a safe place for strangers to meet and do business.

Earlier this month, board members inquired about a previously discussed plan, to create an exchange spot in a safe place for area residents, so that folks who buy items online or need to do other exchanges with strangers can meet without worry.

The plans to create such a meeting spot are underway at the Plainfield Police Law Enforcement Facility on Coil Plus Drive.

“We’re in the process of installing the cameras,” said Chief John Konopek.
The plans first began last summer, when the village signed off on a $101,000 plan to revamp security features at the center.

The upgrade includes security cameras, interview room cameras, and the access control card system.

Included in the project plans was the public solution for meeting strangers for exchanges, by establishing an “internet safe trading area” in front of the police station.

The safe area allows recognition of who is at the site, including a peek at their license plants, offering residents a safe place to meet that isn’t just a gas station or business.

Umbrella Technologies is performing the technology upgrades.

Now, the end is in sight for the department, with the exchange spot hopefully ready to use this spring.
“It’s getting very close, it should be happening here in the next few weeks,” Konopek said “When that happens, we will have a site dedicated in the front of the police department for internet exchange purposes.”

The department will send out a social media alert when the project is complete and operational.

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