Staff of Woodridge’s Cypress Cove receives five-star safety award


Woodridge Park District’s Cypress Cove Family Aquatic Park earned a five-star award for the risk management audit of the 2017 season. The Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI) recently awarded the park district’s water park a five-star award following an unannounced risk management audit.

Swimming facilities are tested on a surprise basis with the auditor hiding outside of the facility, covertly video taping the lifeguards. While the guards supervise the pool from their chairs, the auditor evaluates and scores the guards’ performances of scanning of the facility. Once the hidden audit is completed, the auditor’s presence is announced and the auditor then selects lifeguards to respond to mock emergency scenarios. Scenarios tested on both days were: EpiPen use, spinal management, sudden cardiac arrest and unresponsive drowning victim.

Cypress Cove staff who were part of the audit include: Madeleine Kirby, Zoe McGrath, Layla Weatherspoon, Amanda Foote, Greta Vasiliauskaite, John Dourdourekas, Jack Poyton, May Prasnikar, Matt Tokarski, Matt Mahlan, Max Baer, Jessica Brest, Savannah Bell, Lauren Swain, Thomas Mejdrech, Justin Vasko, Mary Eterno and Zach Wascher.

The Starfish Aquatics Institute’s StarGuard Lifeguard Certification Program provides pool, water park and restricted waterfront lifeguards skills exceeding nationally recognized standards. Using an integrated curriculum of emergency skills, StarGuard lifeguards are trained to protect life or prevent further injury until emergency medical personnel arrive.

Cypress Cove Family Aquatic Park is a facility of the Woodridge Park District and is located at 8301 S. Janes Avenue, Woodridge. Visit for more information about the water park.

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