Support for Rialto

Dear Editor,

The matter of support for the Rialto Square Theatre is of extreme importance to the signers of this letter. We argue that the successful operation of this institution is of significant economic, cultural, historical and strategic value to the greater good of Joliet and its citizens.

Those in leadership positions, who claim a concern for economic development, would be wise to consider the appearance of how they treat this matter. Prospective business investors and developers may weigh investment in Joliet decisions based upon how the current leadership invests in themselves. To abruptly abandon such a treasured institution will send the wrong signal to those considering Joliet.

For those of us who call only Joliet home, and for those of us who have truly adopted Joliet as our hometown, the Rialto Square Theatre deserves better. Many share responsibility for the current situation in which the Rialto is found. Current and former board members, elected officials, and employees all carry credit for the wonderful place that it is, but also blame for whatever negligence has produced the predicament.

As opposed to accusation, blame and violent change and/or power plays, what is needed now is cooperation, collaboration and determination. We are caretakers of a great and proud City. We are caretakers of a great and proud Rialto Square Theatre. Let’s join heads and hands in an effort to address the needs of this institution that will be beneficial for all concerned.

We the undersigned former Mayor and Council Members of the City of Joliet, strongly urge our community and elected officials to UNITE and find a solution to preserve the incomparable Rialto Square Theater.

Tim Brophy, District 2 Councilman 1995-2011

Rosalie D’Andrea, District 2 Councilwoman 1987-1991

Don Fisher, At-Large Councilman, 2011-2013

Tom Giarrante, At-Large Councilman 1997-2011; Mayor 2011-2015

Bob Hacker, At-Large Councilman 34 of 40 years between 1969 and 2009

Joe Shetina, District 1 Councilman 1975-2011

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