Village makes several amendments to liquor code

Beer and wine sales approved at Starbucks location, full-service salons

By Andrea Earnest | Enterprise Staff

At its Sept. 21 meeting, the Plainfield village board approved a series of liquor code amendments.

Among those amendments was the adoption of an ordinance that would allow the beer and wine sales at the Starbucks location on Route 126 and Route 59. Specifically, the ordinance increased the number of Class E liquor license to five and Class K liquor license to 15. The Class E license allows the sale of beer and wine only, while the Class K license would allow outdoor seating for the Starbucks Evenings program.

According to board documents, the Starbucks Evening program consists of savory small plates, wines and craft beer. Starbucks, located at 23915 W. Main St., would only be allowed to sell alcohol from 5 to 10 p.m. and sales would be limited to one drink per patron per order.

Trustee Jim Racich asked if the liquor would be placed in coffee or served in a glass.

The district manager for Starbucks and a Starbucks attorney said the alcohol would be poured into a glass, not in coffee. They added that there are no plans to apply for a license for the Starbucks located on Route 59 and 127th Street.

The village board unanimously approved the ordinance.

The board also approved an ordinance that created a Class “W” Liquor License, allowing non-home-based, full service salons to sell glasses of wine or beer to customers receiving salon services.

Racich questioned whether this license was necessary.

“What I question is the need to sell alcohol, wine or beer, at a salon,” he said, asking why they don’t sell alcohol at a hardware store. “I don’t really see the purpose of having to relax someone while they’re getting their nails done or their hair cut. I don’t see any real reason for having a liquor license at this particular type of service.”

Colleen Amaldovar, owner of Evan Michaels Spa, approached the board and said the liquor license is mostly for bridal parties. She added that Shorewood allows such a liquor license, which is causing her to lose business.

“I have businesswomen that want to come after work, while they’re getting a pedicure, relaxing, have a glass of wine,” she said. “It’s common practice in a lot of salons to allow it, and I feel that, why not, offer it in Plainfield.”

Homer Glen and Shorewood allow this liquor license, and Romeoville and Naperville are considering it.

Trustee Garrett Peck said he supported the creation of this license.

“I do see this as a tool we can provide to our business owners,” he added.

The license restricts the sale of alcoholic beverages to two glasses per customer per 24 hour period and only permits consumption on the premises. According to board documents, alcohol would not be sold before 10 a.m. or after 9 p.m. The annual fee for the license is $1,500.  The board approved the ordinance, with Racich being the sole ‘no’ vote.

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