Woodridge advances 83rd Street Bridge project

The Woodridge Village Board approved a bid for the 83rd Street Bridge improvement project during its Feb. 5 meeting.

The village has been working with V3 Engineering and the Illinois Toll Authority over the past year regarding the 83rd Street Bridge across Interstate 355 between Janes Avenue and Woodward Avenue.

Since new requirements must be met for bridge decks and pedestrian travel lanes, four bids were received by the village to undergo this construction. Alliance Contractors of Woodstock, Illinois, bid $205,523.40 on the project.

“The motion will award the bid for the 83rd street bridge improvement to Alliance Contractors,” Village Administrator Kathleen Rush said.

Traffic Signal Modernization

The board also approved two resolutions related to a traffic signal modernization project that includes improvements to three traffic signals at the intersections of Janes Avenue and Plaza Drive, Janes Avenue and Center Drive, and Janes Avenue and 71st Street.

During Thursday’s meeting, the board approved a resolution allowing the village to appropriate Motor Fuel Tax funds to cover its share of a federal Surface Transportation Program grant.

A grant of $245,497 was originally awarded to the village but the original bid was rejected in order to apply for additional funding. The village was then awarded $359,497 by the Illinois Department of Transportation. The village was required to cover the remaining $120,487, which it will do using MFT funds.

The project will include removing and replacing the traffic signal controllers and controller cabinet, poles and mast arms, electrical wiring, traffic signal fixtures and pedestrian fixtures. Improvements will also include an interconnect system that will improve travel times and reduce fuel consumption in the area.

The project bid opening will take place March 6 at the IDOT Central Office and will announce the contract amount and contractor. Construction is expected to begin in the spring and be completed in a couple months.

Additionally, the board approved a resolution that authorized mayor Gina Cunningham to execute a Local Agency Amendment #1 for federal participation between the village and IDOT. The amendment confirmed the amounts to be paid by the two parties towards the Janes Avenue, Center Drive and 71St Street traffic signal modernization and interconnect project.

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